Jodi Arias Won’t Stop Talking In Tuesday Night Jailhouse Interview As Jury Mulls Death Penalty

Will Jodi Arias ever stop talking? Her Twitter account is gone, but she bent the ear of Phoenix Fox 10 news reporter Troy Hayden on Tuesday night. After she argued in front of a Phoenix jury Tuesday that she should be spared the death penalty, she still had time to get a professional make-up job so that she could smirk, smile, and rationalize on camera for a visibly frustrated Hayden.

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Jodi Arias stood in front of the jury Tuesday morning and argued that she should be spared the death penalty because of all the useful things she could do in prison, such as start a recycling program. Or maybe a literacy program.

Or maybe she could cut off her beautiful hair and make wigs for children with cancer.

But, in an infamous interview two weeks ago, she told Troy Hayden that she wanted the “ultimate freedom” of death. He asked her outright, “Let’s talk about lies. Were you lying to me?”

Arias replied that she didn’t lie. The lady simply changed her mind after her family members implored her to think of them.

If she had asked for the death penalty, it would be like asking for “assisted suicide,” Jodi Arias told Hayden.

You can catch the whole interview on the Phoenix Fox 10 site. It’s worth seeing just for the expert gold highlights in her eye makeup alone.

It only takes one juror’s vote to spare Jodi Arias from the death penalty.

But it’s probably a good thing that Twitter isn’t making the life or death decision for Jodi Arias.

Is this #JodiArias thing over yet? Just put her down already. The world could use less crazy people.

— Ryan Gramza (@gramza08) May 22, 2013

[judge’s gavel photo by Chris Potter via Wikimedia Commons]