O.J.’s Ex-Girlfriend Christine Prody Was Afraid Of Him

O.J.’s ex-girlfriend, Christine Prody, admitted during an exclusive interview with Inside Edition that she was afraid of him . She also revealed she was surprised at Simpson’s appearance in court last Monday.

O.J. Simpson appeared heavier with gray hair he never had before. But Prody, who met the former football player when she was 21 and he was 38, recalled that even then, he was worried about losing his athletic build.

Of seeing him on Monday, O.J.’s ex-girlfriend stated, “I had to take a double take. I can’t believe he’s gotten a lot bigger and very grey since I last saw him.” She added:

“He was always worried about that, about gaining weight. Image was the most important thing to him. Being good-looking was important to him. And even more so, the girl on his arm had to be good-looking.”

But Prody talked about more than just her ex-boyfriend’s appearance to Inside Edition. She also revealed how she was afraid of him and that he compared her to his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, every day.

O.J. Simpson and Christine Prody began dating in 1996, after the former football player was acquitted of killing Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman in Los Angeles. The couple dated for 12 years, until Simpson was arrested again, this time for armed robbery in Las Vegas.

But during their longtime relationship, Prody recalled, “I was so young and so he could try to shape me, mold me, into what he wanted.” She added that Simpson did so by having her dye her hair blonde, like Nicole’s was. She added:

“It was very hard to deal with that everyday, comparing me to Nicole. ‘Nicole did this, Nicole did that. You should do this, that’s what she did.’ “

O.J.’s ex-girlfriend also revealed Simpson threatened her using Brown’s name. She recalled, “He would say things to me like, ‘You better watch out so something bad doesn’t happen to you like Nicole.”