Schwarzenegger & Shriver Not Divorced … Yet

The ballad of Schwarzenegger and Shriver is not yet over.

TMZ reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his estranged wife, Maria Shriver, have not yet made any meaningful action toward ending their 20+ year marriage.

They speculate that there are only two possibilities: Either they’re so rich that the difference between married and divorced is negligible, or they’re leaving the door open for reconciliation.

Sources tell the site that Schwarzenegger and Shriver aren’t rushing their divorce and that they don’t really even feel any urgency to make their separation official. All of their money and custody issues have been worked out, because their massive wealth, $400 million, can easily be split down the middle.

Basically, the finer points of their divorce have already been worked out. Putting it on paper doesn’t make any difference to their day-to-day lives.

So why not just put a hatchet in it and call the time of death? That’s why some publications are theorizing that they’re still considering getting back together.

Sources say that both Schwarzenegger and Shriver have been sending mixed signals to their friends and family, and, indeed, Arnold has continually said that he still loves his wife and family (even if he’s dating someone else).

Sometimes they’ll talk about making the divorce final among family and friends, when other times, they’ll talk about how they still feel longing for each other.

What do you think? Will Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver get back together? If not, why are they dragging their feet through their divorce? Sound off!

[Image via: Joe Seer / Shutterstock]