Wolf Blitzer Asks Atheist If She 'Thanked God' After Surviving Tornado In Oklahoma [Video]

Dan Evon

Wolf Blitzer had an awkward moment with an atheist on Tuesday afternoon.

The CNN anchor was surveying the damage in Oklahoma and interviewed a woman who had survived the tornadoes. The woman, named Rebecca, managed to escape her home with her 19-month-old son Anders shortly before it was destroyed by the tornado.

To Blitzer, this was obviously a work of God.

The interview is actually kind of cute for the first few minutes as the CNN veteran tries to get the little boy to play reporter. But during his closing comments, Blitzer goes on a blessing bing and asks the woman if she "thanked the lord" after escaping the house unharmed.

Blitzer said: "You're blessed. Brian your husband is blessed. Anders is blessed… I guess you got to thank the lord, right? ... Do you thank the lord for that split-second decision?"

Rebecca told Blitzer that she was an atheist but then added: "I don't blame anybody for thanking the lord."

Are you surprised that Blitzer asked the tornado survivor about God? Do you think Rebecca handled the situation well?

Here's the video from Mediate?

Wolf Blitzer wasn't the only one to have an interesting on screen experience in the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Veteran Oklahoma reporter Lance West was so overcome with emotion while covering the devastation that he broke down on air in tears.