Giuliana Rancic Finally Reveals Her Surrogate's Identity

Giuliana and Bill Rancic recently welcomed a newborn son into their lives after a long and harrowing battle, documented on their reality TV show Giuliana and Bill. One of the couple's most closely-guarded secrets was the identity of the surrogate who carried their son to term. Giuliana and Bill finally revealed the identity of the woman in a recent interview.

Giuliana and Bill made every effort to keep the identity of their surrogate (technically, gestational carrier) a secret, but on the October 2 premiere of their show, the new parents announced that they are ready to announce her identity to the world (and curious media) notes US Magazine. The couple say that they will be forever indebted to a woman named Delphine, who carried their son Edward Duke to term, coached by the first-time parents in the delivery room throughout her four-hour labor.

Bill remarked on NBC's Today that the couple had "hit the gestational carrier lottery," with Delphine, and gushed about the then-anonymous brunette in a May interview with Us Weekly. "She's great. She's a very caring woman," he said while Delphine was six months pregnant. "She's giving us a gift and we're going to be eternally grateful."

Other celebrity couples who have used surrogates include Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Elton John, Ricky Martin, and Chris Daughtry (more at MSN).

Click here to check out a clip of the Rancics, alongside Delphine, as they tour the Colorado hospital where Edward Duke was born. Otherwise, tune in when Giuliana and Bill premieres on October 2 at 8pm on STYLE.