Steven Spielberg ‘Halo’ Series Coming To Xbox One

The Steven Spielberg Halo series announced on Tuesday could be the most exciting news item to come out of today’s hubbub involving the next generation of Microsoft-owned consoles.

While there has been much discussion (and criticism) of the new video game unit, this is one development capable of bringing in a wider audience.

Frankly, stacking it up against other announcements — particularly the one that Xbox One will not be backwards compatible — it could be the only reason to even make a purchase as Xbox steals a page from the Netflix and Amazon books of diversifying its initial appeal through original programming.

The Steven Spielberg Halo series will be live-action and will be executive-produced by the Indiana Jones director, according to The Wrap. It will include exclusive interactive content as well.

In comments reported by NBC News, Spielberg had this to say: “For me, the Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth-making meet.”

(Man of few words.)

Stars, director, and writer, were all left out of the release information from Xbox on Tuesday, so we’ll have to update more on that later, but Spielberg isn’t exactly a hack, so there shouldn’t be any issue attracting top talent in front of and behind the camera. Even if he only takes a consulting role in the series development, which we’re expecting, he’s likely not going to let anyone mar his name by turning in an inferior product.

Couple that with the fact Spielberg has been wanting to do a film version of the popular video game franchise since at least 2010, and we have every reason to believe this will rock.

As far as what we can expect on the content side, the previous report from The Inquisitr pointed out that Spielberg had an interest in basing any films he might have done on the Halo novels. Not a great sign, but again, this is Spielberg. We’re sure he’d run it through his Jaws/Saving Private Ryan filter before unleashing it on the public.

How excited are you for a Steven Spielberg Halo live-action series? Sound off below.

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