Amy’s Baking Company Now Hiring

Amy’s Baking Company, the Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares earlier this month, held a job fair over the weekend in an effort to hire 30 new employees including dining room and kitchen staff.

The notorious restaurant shuttered last week after the episode aired and business owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo had some sort of apparent meltdown on their Facebook page.

They planned for a grand re-opening to take place on May 21 (today) coupled with a press conference to answer the community’s criticisms regarding their unflattering portrayal on Gordon Ramsay’s show.

We know now that the press conference and grand re-opening won’t be happening and that the PR company hired by Amy’s Baking Company no longer represents them.

However, the job fair held Sunday apparently went well, according to restaurant spokesman Mike Scerbo. He told The Huffington Post that Amy’s Baking Company had “lots of applicants. We are about halfway to our goal.”

It is unknown how many staff Amy’s Baking Company had employed at the time of the episode’s filming, or how many they managed to retain after the fallout.

One of the waitresses from the episode (the one who was fired) did a Reddit IAmA in which she explained that she was the only server, along with he other girl shown in the episode. We also saw a sous chef and a few dishwashers in the episode.

What they’re going to do with 30 staff, we don’t know.

In any case, many applicants were likely put off after the May 10 episode of Kitchen Nightmares which apparently revealed that the owners keep their wait staff’s tips and that they had fired over 100 employees just recently.