Bill Nye On Tornadoes: ‘It’s Going To Happen Again’ [Video]

On Monday, Bill Nye discussed tornadoes, stating “it’s going to happen again.” Nye was referring to the deadly tornado that ripped through Oklahoma, leaving a path of widespread destruction early this week.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Nye made it clear that more devastating tornadoes can, and should, be expected. As this is just the beginning of tornado season, more tornadoes are likely throughout the next months.

As reported by Raw Story, Nye points out that the strength of the Oklahoma tornado was remarkable. He states that severe weather cannot be conclusively contributed to global warming. However, the energy involved in the storm was significant.

In 1999 another powerful tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma, causing nearly $800 million damage. As reported by KXII, the EF-5 tornado, with wind speeds reaching 250 mph, killed 35 residents in and around the area.

This week’s tornado, according to Nye, was “much more powerful,” as it was “wider, cutting a wider swath.” Preliminary numbers categorize this week’s tornado as an EF4, with winds reaching 190 mph.

As reported by CNN, Morgan and Nye discussed the fact that, in the US, there are approximately 1,000 tornadoes per year, and we are just getting started. They also pointed out that last year, 70 people were killed in tornadoes. There have been 51 reported deaths from this weeks tornado, so far. Nye’s opinion on the tornado, is that it will certainly happen again, and residents need to be prepared.

During the interview, the men discussed the fact that many homes in the area lack basements, as they are difficult to build in the rocky soil.

Nye points out that the added expense, included with building basements, might be worth saving a life. However, for many homeowners, the cost of building a basement is simply out of reach.

In addition to his interview with Morgan, Piers made a somewhat bizarre post to his Twitter account, suggesting that Oklahoma Senator Inhofe look into the occurrence of tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Bill Nye’s tornado discussion was interesting, and somewhat frightening, as the season has just started. As the tornado season ends, hurricane season will begin, bringing the possibility of even more devastating storms.

[Image via Wikimedia]