Kevin Durant Donating $1 Million To Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Kevin Durant is pledging $1 million for tornado relief after a destructive storm ripped through the city he calls home.

A tornado struck the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore on Monday, leaving dozens of people dead and destruction so widespread the tornado is already being called the worst of all time.

Watching the devestation on television, Kevin Durant said he was compelled to help the people of Moore.

“As the day went on and I saw the footage and the casualties and the houses being blown away, it was tough to see,” said Durant, who has lived in Oklahoma City since the Thunder moved from Seattle in 2008. “I call Oklahoma City my home. I go through Moore all the time. It’s unfortunate. We’re going to come together as a city like we always do and we’re going to bounce back.”

Durant was out of the state but said he hoped to return to the area soon to offer other help in the recovery process.

“Just to get to the hospital, see some kids,” Durant said. “Something. Just something to give some hope. Playing for the Thunder, we mean so much to the state. So many people support us and I just want to go back and support those people.”

The tornado that hit Moore on Monday tore apart neighborhoods, hospitals, and two schools in the path of the storm. Local meteorologists said the tornado may have been even more powerful than the 1999 storm that hit Moore, which is to-date the strongest tornado ever measured.

The true depth of the destruction will likely be revealed in the coming days. The official death count stands at 24, revised down from 51 the day before, with many of the casualties children. Officials said it will likely rise again as debris is cleaned.

Kevin Durant’s $1 million donation for Oklahoma tornado relief is meant to match other donations, the American Red Cross said. The Thunder have also donated $1 million, as have the NBA and players’ association.