Blogrush shut down

Duncan Riley

Blogrush, the blog link swapping service launched by internet marketer John Reese in 2007 has shut down.

The service delivered links via a widget placed on each participating blog, with users getting link exposure on other blogs based on how many impressions the widget had on their own sites. The service was highly popular among SEO and internet marketing blogs during its peak, according to Reese delivering 3.4 billion links.

In an email sent to Blogrush owners and posted on the Blogrush site, Reese states that the service wasn't meeting its full potential after a number of issues over time, including quality control and attempts to game the system. Reese notes that no attempts had been made to monetize the service, and that they weren't interested in selling it.

The likely beneficiary of the closure will be rival blog link swapping service Entrecard, which earlier this year had its own dramas when the owner attempted to sell it, then changed his mind in the space of days.