Barbara Walters’ Daughter Arrested For DUI

Barbara Walters’ daughter Jacqueline Danforth was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Naples, Florida, Sunday.

Danforth was released after paying her $1,000 bond, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said. The office added that this was Danforth’s first infraction as an adult, but it did not clarify whether the arrest was for alcohol or drugs.

Walters chronicled Danforth’s struggles with drug abuse in her 2008 autobiography, Audition: A Memoir, as well as several television interviews. Danforth, whom Walters adopted in 1968 with then-husband Lee Guber, struggled with substance abuse throughout her teenage years.

At 13, Danforth used to sneak out of the house in mini-skirts and fishnet stockings to party at Studio 54. She also abused marijuana and methamphetamines and ran away from home. She had hitchhiked 800 miles across the Southwest, and the man she was with went through her wallet and found Walters’ number. Walters told her she would send a plane ticket so she could come home, but instead she sent an ex-Green Beret.

“It’s 3:00 in the morning, I’m sleeping. He walks in and he said, ‘You’re going out west.’ I mean, what was I going to do? He was huge,” Danforth told NBC News during a 2003 joint interview with Walters. The man was there to take Danforth to an alternative school in Idaho.

“Even though she, you know, probably kicked and screamed, she knew that things were getting so desperate, she had to go,” Walters said.

Danforth spent three years in the intervention program, graduating from high school during that time. Shortly after she received her diploma, Guber died of cancer. She took his last name at 18 to avoid being followed by her mother’s reputation. She also went on to help troubled teenagers by founding an alternative school called New Horizons for Young Women. The outdoor program was held in Maine before being closed in 2008.