‘Daily Show’ Co-Creator Slammed For Insensitive Oklahoma Tweet

Lizz Winstead’s tweet from yesterday is still earning the comic a deluge of criticism, thanks to its perceived insensitivity regarding the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma.

Winstead, the co-creator of The Daily Show, is generally known for her sharp political commentary and frank opinions.

Not one to mince words, like… ever, she made one of those “too soon” jokes on Twitter about yesterday’s tornado.

“This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives,” she wrote.

Uh oh.

“How long has Obama known about this Tornado?” she added later.

No, don’t keep going!

“Tornado just bumped me from MSNBC. #Benghazi”

Ahhh, just stop!

But she kept going. Mostly in response to her critics, who ranged in tone from “too soon” to “STFU B****.”

Many threatened to un-follow, but Winstead defended herself against her critics, explaining that they just don’t understand satire and hypocrisy in media.

But tweets like this one…

The kids trapped in a school think you’re hilarious. MT @lizzwinstead: This tornado in OK has clearly been ordered to target conservatives.

— Brian Winkeler (@brianwinkeler) May 20, 2013

… probably caused her to slow her roll.

She ultimately did apologize, tweeting:

A few of her fans attempted to throw some “it wasn’t that bad” cold water on her critics, but she totally owned the awfulness of the tweets, writing:

After that, her thread is mostly re-tweets of Oklahoma relief info and Red Cross donation pushes. Mea culpa accepted, Winstead. That’s how you turn a poorly-timed joke around.

Interestingly, guess who stood up for Lizz Winstead?

What do you think of Lizz Winstead’s tweet? Did she make up for it appropriately? Sound off!