Xbox 720 Event Live Update

The Xbox 720 is about ready to be revealed, and this is your live update on the event.

Rumors have flown around for nearly a year now about Microsoft’s next generation console, and never as ferociously as they have since the reveal of the PlayStation 4 in February. Today is the big day that Microsoft’s next Xbox gets revealed!

First off, let’s run down the rumors surrounding the Xbox 720.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding the Xbox 720 was the one about the console having an “always online” connection and requiring it to even work. Despite the controversy started from Twitter by an ex-creative director from Microsoft, an internal email later dispelled the concept by saying the system needs to work whether it’s online or not, especially during playback of Blu-Ray movies, TV viewing and single-player games.

Another rumor that has yet to be proven is that the Xbox 720 will not be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. Supposedly you may need to buy the separate Xbox Mini to allow this.

Rumor has it that the Xbox Mini will be a sort of cable box for Microsoft’s next generation console, allowing you to watch streaming TV and play older games.

There is also talk of the graphic processor being an improvement on the one in the PlayStation 4, an x86 system. For some reason we won’t go into, the 86-bit processor is actually lower technology than the new 64-bit that most newer PCs run and the Xbox 720 is rumored to have, meaning the Xbox 720 might actually look better this time around than the PlayStation 4.

The controller for the Xbox 720 could imitate the one used by Nintendo’s failing Wii U, with the HD screen display surrounded by the familiar buttons.

Illumiroom could turn your entire living room into a part of the gaming experience by the use of hologram technology.

Kinect 2.0 will have motion tracking technology which could adjust the screen depending on where you are in the room.

The price could be the same as the last Xbox, at $300, and possibly include a cheaper model with a monthly subscription fee.

Finally, the name could be the Xbox Fusion, the Xbox Infinity, Durango, or just the Xbox 720.

We will update you as soon as we know more. In the meantime the Xbox 720 event is expected to start on Xbox Live at 10am Pacific Time.

[Updates thanks to Tayla Holman]

The new name for the Xbox 720 will now officially be the Xbox One. This is an interesting name for the third generation of Xbox, to say the least.

The controller is said to be a lot like the black Xbox 360 version, and the console itself appears to be very boxy with a sort of checkerboard black and gray appearance.

The Xbox One will be voice activated, meaning you can simply speak and it will change the channel for you, among other things.

Grab, Pan and Swipe Up are some of the gestures used by the new Kinect 2.0.

The new TV style control will feature voice control, as mentioned above, as well as favorites and trending. Apparently your “pins” will now be “favorites”, and you’ll always know what’s popular at the moment.

Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One will now come with a Blu-Ray drive and faster USB 3.0 control ports.

The Kinect 2.0 will now be able to read your heartbeat while you exercise, making it the spiritual successor to the Wii Remote.

Xbox One will have a dedicated DVR to record your achievements.

The head of EA Sports says they’re launching FIFA, UFC, Madden and NBA Live in the next 12 months.

New 3D crowds, dynamic sidelines, and a daily stream of content will impact the game as you play.

Forza 5 will be available at the launch of the Xbox One.

TV using the Xbox One will now be social. Speaking of TV, Steven Spielberg has announced a new live-action Halo TV series.

There is a new game-changing partnership with the NFL, integrating live sports and fantasy football teams. You can use Skype to taunt your friends in real time!

The Xbox One will apparently be in stores by the end of 2013.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (and yes, that’s the game’s official name now) will use dynamic mapping to allow the gamer to interact like never before.


Smart Match will set you up with players around your skill level.

New TV controls add Snap, which lets you see extra info about the show in the sidebar.

The Xbox One will not need to be online to work. The internet is only necessary for the same things the Xbox 360 uses it for, and TV streaming uses separate provider signals.

The Xbox One will not be backwards compatible. The reason is a difference in gaming architecture. It’s like upgrading from a bicycle to a Porsche, technically speaking.

And that’s all we know until E3 2013.

What did you like or dislike about the Xbox 720 (Now Xbox One) reveal event?