Lindsay Lohan Experiences Rehab Meltdown, And Is Completely Lifeless Without Adderall

Lindsay Lohan has apparently reached rock bottom during her latest stint in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, after being denied Adderall during her 90 day court required stay. Ever since Lindsay was denied her Adderall, the star has reportedly taken a turn for the worse, with friends and family afraid that Lohan might bolt at any second.

Apparently, the situation has gotten so bad that “the actress looks extremely haggard, her face is bloated, and it doesn’t look like she brushed her hair in days. She looks very disheveled and has absolutely no energy since docs took away the Adderall,” a source reported to

It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan had absolutely no desire to go back to rehab, and was forced to go by a Judge, in lieu of jail time. But ever since Lohan was denied her Adderall-which Lohan claims to take in order to treat her Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)-the star sounds like she’s been just doing awfully. She’s already gained 5 pounds since her Adderall has been taken away, because she doesn’t have as much energy to exercise as she previously did.

Even Dr. Drew Pinsky voiced his opinion on Lindsay Lohan’s Adderall addiction, saying that he feels that Lindsay is simply going through the motions of rehab, but is not truly surrendering to the recovery process. He also noted in an interview with that Adderall may not problematic when taken in the short term, “but as time goes on, the drug becomes an issue.”

This is not Lohan’s first stint in rehab, or at the Betty Ford Center. In 2010, Lohan was caught by a Betty Ford staff member returning to the center (although they never actually confirmed that Lohan snuck out.) Lindsay Lohan’s current plea bargain dictates that she stay in rehab for a full 90 days. The Inquisitr previously reported that Lohan will not be allowed to leave the Betty Ford center during her rehab, and will be closely monitored 24 hours a day.

Inquisitr Readers: Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s current rehab stay will set her on the straight and narrow? Or do you think she’ll be back to her old tricks after her 90 days are up?

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