Xbox 720 Event Drinking Game, For Fans Over 21

The Xbox 720 Event is almost upon us, so here’s a little fun you can have with it if you’re 21 years or older.

Rumors and speculation have been flying everywhere around the Xbox 720 since its announcement almost a year ago, with allegiances forming on both sides. Everybody’s hanging on every rumor like it’s gold, and today, Microsoft is about to put most of those rumors to rest as they reveal the long-awaited Xbox 720.

Yesterday, Sony pulled their jab at the Xbox 720 by releasing a blurry image on their console with highlights the day before the Xbox 720 event. Sony doesn’t want us forgetting about the PlayStation 4 in the meantime.

Anyway, while you’re waiting for the Xbox 720 event to start, here is IGN‘s unofficial Xbox 720 event drinking game!

Take a sip if a Microsoft representative says:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Subscription model
  • Home entertainment system
  • This holiday season
  • Games centric
  • A unique experience
  • Innovation
  • Third party support
  • The price

Do a shot if they mention the following games:

  • Halo 5
  • Forza 5
  • New Gears of War
  • Fable MMO
  • Kinectimals
  • Killer Instinct 3
  • Alan Wake 2
  • Respawn’s Titan Project

Chug your drink of any of these tech specs are mentioned:

  • Blu-Ray Drive
  • Kinect 2.0
  • eight GB RAM
  • TiVo Functionality
  • Always Connected
  • Two GPUs

Drink two fingers if these are mentioned:

  • Always Online
  • Illumiroom
  • Digital TV Hub
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Smartglass Integration

Just go nuts, jump around and throw your drinks all over everyone in the room if Steve Ballmer appears on stage.

There you go. Tune in to the Xbox 720 event on Xbox Live and have fun. Remember to drink responsibly and don’t drive drunk. We at The Inquisitr are not responsible for any alcohol related shenanigans you might get into.

Are you ready for the drinking game for the Xbox 720 event?