Margit Arrobio’s Powerball Ticket Was A Winner, But Bought An Hour Too Late

Pasadena, CA – Margit Arrobio’s Powerball ticket could have earned her $360 million in lottery winnings … had she bought it an hour earlier.

This tragic story is brought to you by: Cruel and twisted fate.

Margit Arrobio’s Powerball ticket was a welcome piece of exciting news when she discovered that she had all of the winning numbers for a $360 million jackpot, but before she could plan a vacation in Aruba and quit her job, she discovered that she had purchased the ticket an hour after the deadline and wouldn’t be getting any money for the worthless ticket.

“I called my gas station where I bought the ticket and I said, ‘I don’t get it. I have every number and yet they say there’s no winner,'” Arrobio recalled.

The person at the gas station asked her when she had purchased her ticket, one of five hopefuls, and she said 8pm. The attendant then told her that she had unfortunately bought it one full hour after the numbers had been announced.

Even worse, the Powerball jackpot shot up to a record $590.5 million just a few days later.

There has only been one reported winner, an individual from Florida, who will be taking home the entire jackpot by themselves.

Arrobio said that she was at first shocked, and the painfully disappointed.

Since the chances of winning the lottery are already so slim to none that it’s barely even worth playing, I’d just stop buying tickets if I were Arrobio. She came too close to the sun and got burned in this case, and sadly, this is the closest she’s ever likely to come.

Poor gal.

What do you think of Margit Arrobio’s Powerball story? Should the lottery grant her part of the pot, even though she was an hour late? Sound off!

[Image via: Anne Kitzman / Shutterstock]