'Twilight' Film Rejected Song Because It Was 'Too Scary'

Dusten Carlson

Cult British band The Fall apparently didn't get the memo that Twilight is a series of books and films that feature sparkly teenagers who live forever, attend school for no reason, and stalk the sh** out of each other. It's not a horror story featuring terrifying supernatural creatures by anyone's standard.

So when they turned in a song for the film adaptation of Twilight, producers understandably rejected it for being "too scary."

The group's frontman Mark E. Smith revealed in a recent interview that producers of the blockbuster teen drama held meetings with The Fall's reps to apparently get the band to write a song for the soundtrack to one of the early movies in the film franchise.

The Fall reportedly turned in a really bizarre track which consisted of a haunting two-note riff with Smith shrieking and grumbling over top. The producers turned the track down.

Smith told Radar Magazine:

"Our publisher got this deal with that film Twilight. They said they'd give us $50,000 to come up with a song. So I said, I'll give them some horror... (But) they don't know anything about horror, do they? It might frighten the children. But it is frightening, isn't it? I've fulfilled my bargain with Satan... "

So it more or less sounds like Mark E. Smith might have been wise to Twilight's plot all along and wrote his strange song deliberately to mess with producers. So punk rock.

"There's no way they're going to put that in Twilight," he continued. "But if they were good, they would. Orson Welles would've done it. It's horror. Their horror is some (young) guy... wandering through a forest with his eyes glazed."

What do you think of Mark E. Smith's comments about the Twilight films? Would you have liked to hear The Fall's Twilight song?