Oklahoma City Tornado Victims Won’t Be Charged Overages By AT&T Wireless

Oklahoma City tornado victims will not be forced to pay for any call overages they rack up with AT&T Wireless.

The wireless giant on Tuesday announced that overage charges in the area will be suspended through June 30.

AT&T notes that many Oklahoma City tornado victims are repeatedly calling friends and family to check on their loved ones. Those high call volumes are likely to lead customers towards high call numbers that push past their monthly allowances.

While an AT&T representative suggests using text messaging rather than voice calling because of potential call traffic problems, they also acknowledge that many worried network users enjoy the comfort of a voice call.

In its growing attempt to assist victims, AT&T Wireless says it will add additional resources as needed to help relieve cell congestion.

AT&T customers who want to donated to relief efforts in Oklahoma City can also use the networks technology. Simply text “REDCROSS” to 90999. A single text message will add $10 to your AT&T Wireless bill.

At least 91 people were killed when the mile wide tornado tore through the city. Devastation in the area included the destruction of entire neighborhoods that stood in the path of the massive funnel.

Government officials have already declared the area a major disaster area, and federal funds have been assigned to aid individuals and business owners. Workers are currently working on home repairs while low-cost loans are being offered to help cover uninsured property losses and for other assistance purposes.

With AT&T Wireless announcing that Oklahoma City tornado victims will not be charged wireless carrier overages, there is a good chance that other carriers will follow suit in the hours and days ahead.

Have you donated to help Oklahoma City tornado victims?

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