Don Walling Drops Ring When Proposing On Brooklyn Bridge

Don Walling dropped the ring when proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The story begins with celebrating Don Walling’s 29th birthday at a restaurant near to the Brooklyn Bridge. He then invited the entire family to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Suddenly, he went to one knew and that’s when everything went wrong.

Going on live TV, Don Walling explained how he dropped the proposal ring on the Brooklyn Bridge:

“I got on a knee, said, ‘Will you marry me?’, opened the box, and it flew out. I watched it fall through a crack in the bridge — right between the planks.”

Although, Don Walling blames the box for dropping the ring:

“I didn’t drop the ring,” Walling said. “It fell out of the box. I didn’t drop it. There was no handling. We should really contact the makers of the box and get a better box made. That’s the whole problem here.”

The would be groom then clambered onto the Brooklyn Bridge’s superstructure while looking for the ring. Watcher thought Don Walling was getting ready to commit suicide and yelled at him not to jump.

Eventually, the police showed up and joined in the ruckus. But when they realized what Don Walling was up to, they actually stopped traffic until the man could find his proposal ring. The ring was only damaged a little after being run over a car. The platinum band had a “love ding” in it, but the diamonds were intact.

All in all, it makes for an unforgettable story. And, apparently, people will never let Don Walling forget it either. This story actually took place in 2009, but now people are using the Internet to resurrect it.

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