Deadly Moore Tornado Killed Up To 100 Horses On Orr Family Farm

The Moore tornado has reportedly killed up to 100 horses at a popular area attraction, the 106-acre Orr Family Farm near Moore, Oklahoma. The devastating F4 tornado — which could be upgraded to an F5 when its full impact is understood by the National Weather Service — took at least 91 human lives when it struck over an estimated 30 square miles yesterday.

Details of the Moore tornado tragedy continue to emerge. At the time of writing, local news station KFOR said they don’t have a final number of children killed in the disaster at Moore’s Plaza Towers Elementary.

With daylight, officials and residents are getting a better idea of the scale of devastation left behind in the twister’s 20-mile-long track.

In addition to the human tragedy, many pets and working animals have been inevitably hit by what some people are predicting could be the most powerful tornado in human history.

A worker at the Orr Family Farm had to ride out the storm in the horse stalls. KOFR interviewed the stunned survivor who said that he didn’t have much time to act. The barn where he sheltered and the house where he lived were utterly destroyed, as you can see in the local TV station’s amazing video.

However, this Moore tornado survivor seemed harder hit by the loss of the horses than by his home.

“The main thing is the horses … We might have one horse left out of all them,” the exercise rider said, adding that he thinks around 80 horses were killed in the storm.

Because they rent out the horse stalls and spaces, the Orr Family Farm doesn’t know yet how many horses, workers, or riders may have been on the scene. Their Facebook page said:

“Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We are sorry we cannot reply to each of you at this time, as we are focusing on our staff, families and the Farm. We are physically alright, but we…are still assessing damage to both properties and animals.”

The tragedy at the Orr Family Farm with its lost horses is only one example of the Moore tornado’s cruelty.

[Moore tornado photo by Daniel Lamb via Twitter]