‘Poltergeist’ Remake To Start Shooting This Fall

The proposed Poltergeist remake is expected to start shooting this fall.

After languishing in development for quite some time, it would seem that the project is finally starting to build some steam. Monster House and City of Ember director Gil Kenan will take the reins on the remake.

According to reports, filming is likely to begin in Toronto this September. In addition to this tentative start date, a few details about the movie’s plot have started to surface.

The Poltergeist remake will tell the story of the Bowens, a family who moves to new town in search of a fresh start. Almost as soon as everyone gets settled in, the couple’s little girl goes missing. A team of supernatural investigators are summoned to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance.

Other characters include the host of a supernatural television program and parapsychologist who also happens to be the father’s ex-wife. It’s clear from these simple details that the upcoming remake is taking a slightly different approach to this familiar story.

Sam Raimi, Nathan Kahane, and Roy Lee will produce Poltergeist for the folks at MGM. David Lindsay-Abaire, Paul Harris Boardman, Scott Derrickson, Juliet Snowden, and Stiles White have all contributed to the script. However, it’s unknown if Kenan will take a crack at it before filming gets underway.

Lindsay-Abaire told SlashFilm that he has nothing but love and respect for Tobe Hooper’s classic horror movie. Although he didn’t give away any details about the project during his chat, he said that everyone seemed happy with the draft he put together.

“I will also say that there are very few people who are as obsessed with the original movie as I am, so I would try to write a script that I would want to see as a fan,” the writer explained.

Are you a fan of the original Poltergeist? What do you think about the upcoming remake?