Ross Turnbull’s Adorable Two-Year-Old Son Scores As Chelsea Players Speak To Crowd At Stamford Bridge [Video]

Chelsea FC beat Everton 2-1 in their final match of the Premier League season on Sunday, but backup goalkeeper Ross Turnbull’s two-year-old son stole the show while the players shared their appreciation for their supporters after the match. Little Josh Turnbull was on the pitch at Stamford Bridge as Paulo Ferriera spoke to the crowd, and the youngster had himself a breakaway.

In one of the most adorable moment’s you will ever see, little Josh, not much bigger than the ball he’s playing with, dribbles his way to the net and scores with the crowd behind him the whole way. After willing the ball past the goal line, the crowd erupted into cheers and the little guy turned to the players and threw his hands up in the air.

You won’t see something like this too often, though baby phenom’s seem to run in the Chelsea family. Defender Branislav Ivanovic’s young son scored a similar goal two years ago, and he put together one healthy strike. The crowd in attendance was blown away, and so was dad, who slid in to hug his boy after the goal.

Ross Turnbull’s son was just as determined, and even a little tumble in the box couldn’t stop him from finishing the play. It may be time to sign him up, and the crowd agrees, as they broke into song immediately after the adorable goal.

Here’s video of two-year-old Josh Turnbull working his way to the net for one of the most precious goals you will ever see.

Here’s the video of Branislav Ivanovic’s son as he found an opening and took advantage for his first goal in front of Chelsea’s faithful supporters two years ago.

One thing’s for sure, Chelsea’s future is bright as long as these two youngsters follow in their father’s footsteps. Nevertheless, the adorable moment’s will suffice for now as Chelsea looks to improve this summer and contend for the Premier League title next season.

Is Ross Turnbull’s son the most adorable little striker you have ever seen?

[Image via Paul Hudson]