Sarah Palin: ‘Global Warming My Gluteus Maximus’

Though it won’t come as a surprise to many, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin doesn’t really buy the global warming argument. Over the weekend, Palin highlighted the issue on her Facebook, pointing to the fact that was snowing in Alaska in May.

“Global warming my gluteus maximus,” Palin colorfully wrote on her Facebook page along with a picture of her youngest daughter, Piper, playing in the snow after graduation.

“This is what ‘Grad Blast’ means in Alaska!” Palin wrote. “We’ll move our graduation b-b-q indoors and watch the mini-blizzard from ’round the fireplace.”

Palin has long been a vocal critic of global warming. She referred to studies that support climate change models as “snake oil,” and, while she was a vice presidential candidate in 2008, she said that people don’t influence changes in climate.

The Facebook argument is a little sketchy though because she uses “global warming” where she should probably mean “climate change,” but, even then, weather and climate are not necessarily the same thing.

Short-term weather conditions aren’t part of the argument. Scientists base climate change arguments on larger trends over long periods of time and over broader areas.

However, a recently-released study shows that global temperatures aren’t heating up as much as we previously thought, or as quickly. However, researchers still advocate intervention to prevent catastrophic damage in the future.

According to a Reuters report on the study, extreme warming is less likely in the coming decades, but it’s still on track to breach a goal set by world governments to limit the increase in temperatures.

What do you think? Do you agree with Sarah Palin that global warming is a myth? Do you think it’s a potentially devastating reality? Somewhere in between? Sound off!

[Image via: David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons]