Xbox 360 laptop mod now on Ebay, going for $2,000

Are you too rich for your own good? Does the idea of having a sort-of-portable Xbox 360 appeal to you? Then your lucky day is here, person-very-much-in-a-minority! This Xbox 360/laptop mod is the work of modder TheTwoJ and his friend, who spent over $2000 and 650 hours building it.

It contains a Xbox 360 Elite Jasper, and it’s wired up to a widescreen 17″ LCD monitor. There’s an integrated Xbox wireless adapter and a 120GB hard drive in there, a built-in Xbox Live Camera in the lid, and connections that will let you hook this up to a bigger screen, even though that would be utterly pointless.

It’s on Ebay now, with a mere $1,950 highest bid.

[Ebay, via technabob]