Barbie Trades Malibu Dream Home For Manhattan Penthouse

Dusten Carlson

These days, Barbie is a little less Clueless and a little more Sex and the City. Word is she's trading in her Malibu dream home for a Manhattan penthouse apartment.

The New York Post reports that Mattel's popular Barbie toy is packing her bags and moving to the East Coast with eyes on a new downtown dream property.

Mattel has reportedly hired a team of interior designers to create dream houses in New York, California and ... India ... and will announce which she'll ultimately choose in August.

The Manhattan penthouse designer, Celerie Kemble, says that The Big Apple fits with recent makeovers to the Barbie character.

"Barbie is a strong, independent woman. She belongs in New York!" Kemble said. "Manhattan is the best of the best for Barbie."

Barbie's move was first announced by Mattel in February, with doll's VP of marketing, Lori Pantel, saying that the story crafted around her move reflects the character's evolution as an independent woman.

"As a workingwoman with over 135 careers, Barbie is proud to have a Manhattan home," Pantel said.

The renderings may not actually result in a new dollhouse, and the story is just for fun, adds the team.

Still, the Manhattan frontrunner is described as "a glamorous work space to host movers and shakers," and will have neon art on the walls to show that Barbie appreciates the New York art scene.

Oh, and her old Malibu home is being listed for $25 million.

Various stages of Barbie's evolution over the years have occasionally resulted in controversy. At the forefront, usually, is Barbie's figure, which is often criticized for projecting unrealistic (and even unhealthy) standards of what a woman should look like.

Other revisions to the character that have stirred up controversy include her portrayal as a single mother and her much-publicized breakup with longtime boyfriend Ken.

What do you think of Barbie's plan to move to Manhattan? Is it a smart move, or will she always be a California girl? Would you like to see a Manhattan dream house actually made for the doll line? Sound off!