50th Super Bowl Host: San Francisco Favored To Win 2016 Game

The NFL will choose its 50th Super Bowl host this weekend after a league vote on Tuesday.

San Francisco is reportedly the favorite for the 2016 game but football’s biggest game may also be held in Miami. According to Yahoo News, the city that does not get chosen will compete with Houston for the 51st Super Bowl in 2017.

According to CBC, the 49ers have the edge going into Tuesday’s vote because the city is currently building a new stadium. Dallas and Indianapolis both hosted the Super Bowl shortly after unveiling a new stadium and many believe that San Francisco will be able to do the same.

Jerry Rice said: “I think with the new stadium… we can host a Super Bowl there… It’s going to be awesome. So I realize there’s a lot of history at Candlestick. To stay competitive in the NFL, this is something we have really needed for a long, long time, and I think it’s going to be awesome.”

The Miami Dolphins were also planning on building a new stadium but the city scrapped the plans earlier this month. The Dolphins have hosted the Super Bowl 10 times but without a new stadium it looks like the team’s chances are pretty slim.

Reporter Albert Breer wrote on the NFL website: “Following the Miami Dolphins’ failure to secure public funding for renovations… San Francisco sits in the driver’s seat.”

Still, Miami’s bid chairman Rodney Barreto said that he was optimistic that the 50th Super Bowl would be hosted in South Florida.

Barreto said: “We’re extremely optimistic that our bid is going to set a new level and they’re going to have a tough decision to make.”