‘Angry Birds’ Movie Lands ‘Simpsons’ Writer

The upcoming Angry Birds movie has landed writer Jon Vitti.

The scribe has previously contributed scripts for a number of acclaimed television programs. Included in Vitti’s resume are the shows The Office, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and The Larry Sanders Show.

Since Jon Vitti has a way with words, one should expect a fair amount of wit to make its way into the Angry Birds movie. While the kids are watching birds wage war against pigs, parents can enjoy some of the subtler comedy the writer is sure to bring to the project.

According to the official press release from Rovio Entertainment, veteran producer Catherine Winder is also signing on for the animated feature. Producer John Cohen, who also worked on the hit family flick Despicable Me, said he was extremely happy to have both Jon and Catherine aboard.

“Jon is one of the funniest writers I know, and we’re looking forward to working with him to bring the birds and pigs to life on the big screen. Catherine is a fantastic producer, with over 20 years of film and television experience, and I’m very excited to have her as a part of our filmmaking team,” Cohen explained.

Rovio Entertainment CEO Mikael Hed also had nothing but positive things to say about Vitti and Winder’s involvement with the Angry Birds movie.

“I’m very excited that Jon and Catherine have joined us, bringing with them their vast expertise. I’m confident we are building the right team to deliver an amazing movie experience to our fans,” Hed explained.

If nothing goes haywire between now and then, Sony Pictures hopes to have the adaptation in front of extremely happy moviegoers by 2016. Considering that’s three years from now, here’s hoping that the Angry Birds video game franchise is still a viable property.

Are you looking forward to the Angry Birds movie?