87-Year-Old Accusing Trump Of Conning Her Out Of $500,000

An 87-Year-Old is accusing Trump of conning her out of $500,000. Jacqueline Goldberg states that Donald Trump offered her profit-sharing options, from Trump International Hotel & Tower, as an incentive for purchasing two condominiums, for $1 million each.

Goldberg agreed to purchase the condos in Trump’s Chicago building, stating that Trump later backed out of the profit-sharing offer.

As reported by the Daily Herald, Goldberg was thrilled with Trump’s offer, as she was under the impression that “he was a good businessman.” Goldberg recalls a difficult and financially unstable life, until she began investing in real estate. She states that she was not interested in the purchase, unless it included the profit-sharing option.

The 87-year-old is accusing Trump of changing the details of the contract, and refusing to return her $500,000 deposit.

As reported by the Sun Times, Trump contends that Goldberg’s accusations are “disgraceful,” and accuses her of “playing the age card.” Trump states that Goldberg is simply trying to get out of paying the remainder of what she owes for the condos.

The profit-sharing was to be generated from two ballrooms, which include catering service, inside the hotel. Trump states that he initially intended to share the ballroom profits with the condo owners. However, under the direction of his financial advisers, he felt it was in his best interest to maintain control of all ballroom profits.

Trump states that his decision to keep the ballroom profits was not finalized until a year after Goldberg agreed to purchase the two condos.

Judge Amy St. Eve stopped Trump’s testimony last week, blasting him and his attorney Shelly Kulwin. Judge St. Eve reprimanded them both for “dancing around and boxing with each other for 45 minutes.” She pointed out that her courtroom “is not a boxing ring.”

She further scolded them for their overly dramatic behavior:

“You’ve got to stop it. Do you think the jury likes this? If you think the jury likes it, I can assure you they don’t — you’re wasting their time.”

The trial continues this week with further testimony from the 87-year-old accusing Trump of conning her out of $500,000.

[Image via Wikimedia]