Angry Mob Pelts Man With Rocks After He’s Suspected Of Attacking Children

An angry mob pelted a man with rocks after he allegedly attacked several children in Colorado.

Residents in a Pueblo neighborhood decided to take matters in their own hands after a series of sexual assaults in the area. Many folks believed that police failed to properly warn them about the predator in their area.

Several people associated with the American Indian Movement reportedly formed a mob in an effort to find the man responsible for attacking the children. They soon found a 54-year-old man who fit the description released by police.

Instead of letting authorities handle the situation, the angry mob began pelting the man with rocks. Captain Tom Rummel said members of the AIM chased the suspect down and punched him in the face.

“I started running after him and finally caught up to him at about Eighth and Troy. There was a group of about five or six of us and we kept him there until police arrived,” AIM member Alex Pacheco explained.

Sensing that the ordeal was getting ready to spiral out of control, police made the decision to transport the suspect down to the station.

“The primary officer on the scene said get him out of here,” Rummel explained to The Associated Press. The man was not seriously injured during the attack.

Although the mob believed the unidentified man was responsible for the sexual assaults, he was later released by police due to a lack of evidence. Pacheco feels that police simply aren’t doing enough to find the individual behind the attacks.

“We went through the right channels in contacting the police but there hasn’t been much response. We can’t wait around any longer without doing something. These are children that this man is after and we can’t let any more children get hurt by him,” he explained.

An investigation into both incidents is currently underway. It’s currently unknown if any charges will be brought against the angry mob that pelted the 54-year-old man with rocks.

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