Christian Bale Unrecognizable As Bald New Character

Christian Bale was almost unrecognizable as he walked through LAX today with his family.

The actor was spotted with a shaved head, a scruffy beard, and a bit of a gut this morning at the airport in Los Angeles.

Bale is currently working on his new film American Hustle and apparently had to shave his head for the role. The method actor also grew a beard and packed on a few extra pounds to play Melvin Weinberg in the new movie.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Bale has been nearly unrecognizable in a film. The actor often goes to extremes to get into his characters. In 2004, Bale lost an incredible 63 pounds to play the role of Trevor Resnik in The Machinist.

He put the weight back on to play roles in movies like Batman Begins, 3:10 To Yuma and Terminator Salvation before transforming his body again to play drug-addicted boxer Dicky Eklund in The Figher. Bale would win an Oscar for the role.

Here’s a video about the many bodies of Christian Bale.

It’s not clear how much weight Bale put on for his latest role but he definitely doesn’t look like himself. For comparison’s sake, here’s what Bale looked like last year at the premiere of The Dark Knight.

christian bale

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And here’s a video of the actor from this weekend at LAX.