Naked Scooter Ride With Cross May Be ‘Wingjing Streaker’s’ Art Project

Is a naked scooter ride performance art if you carry a cross? Is it still streaking if you’re a naked guy carrying a sex doll while being chased by an equally naked woman?

These are the questions that residents of Beijing, China have had to ask themselves over the last few weeks after a series of bizarre streaking incidents were captured on camera.

The blow-up doll streaking chase occurred on April 10. EChina Cities published a whole blurry portfolio of the event, so feel free to check it out if you’re not offended by public nudity or really bad, really out-of-focus night shots.

On at least a couple of more recent occasions, a man has been seen riding naked on Beijing’s mean streets carrying a very large wooden cross.

The “Wingjing Streaker” received a nickname, and people began to ask exactly who he was and what he wanted to prove.

The problem of streaking and public nudity is apparently a burning issue out there in China. Last year, the South China Morning Post pondered another streaker who took off his clothes to promote a book: “Streaking has become an accepted attention grabber. How did it come to be regarded as such?”

On Friday, a graduate of the Central Academy for Fine Arts in Beijing came forward to take the credit for the Wingjing Streaker’s recent appearances. According to Kotaku, Li Binyuan is the artistic mind behind the stunts. They said that he confessed to streaking at least 10 times since March — but that he’d only been caught on camera six times.

Li confided that he’d gotten bored with his work and was looking for something fun. The streaking which included the naked scooter runs was his method of breaking a creative block.

“Every time I finish a run, I always check online to see what people online are saying about me,” he explained. “The internet creates such a wonderful way to interact, and I really want to see what others think of this thing I’m doing.”

Hey, it’s probably a better piece of art than the upcoming One Direction documentary.

In 2010, Li did a performance piece where he brushed his teeth and shaved on the subway.

Mm-kay. Let’s all agree that the naked scooter with cross run is considerably more creative.

[Beijing night photo by Scott Meltzer via Wikimedia Commons]