William Fine Dies: Helped Pioneer Strict Drug Laws

William fine Died on Friday at the age of 86. Fine is credited with helping to pioneer strict drug laws in New York State. Family members state that his death was due to multiple atrophy syndrome.

Fine started out working as a publisher for several well-known magazines in the 1960s. He is credited with his work for Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan. Fine gained national attention as he used his influence, in the fashion industry, for a campaign to replace the popular mini-skirt with modest alternatives.

As reported by The New York Times, Former presidents Ronald Reagen and George Bush employed Fine to advise the State Department on peace relations and economic development in Northern Ireland. Fine was honored by The Irish Times for his part in peace agreements between Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Britain.

William Fine’s most famous accomplishment stemmed from his son’s addiction to drugs. As chairman of a drug rehab facility and program, Fine approached Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller at a dinner party. Fine spoke with Rockefeller, expressing his interest in programs to deter drug use and eventual addiction.

Fine proposed strict punishment as a deterrent for drug use and associated crimes. In addition to Rockefeller, he also presented his ideas to former president Reagen.

In 1973, Rockefeller instituted mandatory 15 year minimum sentencing requirements for possession of certain drugs including marijuana and heroine.

As reported by UPI, many of the strict laws continued until recent years when further research revealed that strict drug laws were more likely to overcrowd prisons, than deter crime.

With the announcement of William Fine’s death, he is remembered for a great deal of accomplishments including raising a family.

William Fine grew up in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. William’s father, Joseph George Fine, was president of Fox Film Corporation.

Fine is preceded in death by his son Alexander. He is survived by partner Kay Pick, four sons, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

William Fine died Friday, leaving behind his legacy as a military combat veteran, successful businessman, political adviser, writer, and a father.

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