Obama Approval Rating High As Polls Approve Scandal Probes Into White House

Obama’s approval rating is remaining high despite the potential Obama scandals being bandied about.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obama approval rating is at 54 percent based upon a CNN/ORC poll.

The poll also finds 54 percent of Americans saying they don’t believe Congress is overreacting to the IRS scandal. The White House is claiming Obama learned about the IRS scandal on May 10 even though Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Representative Darrell Issa knew about the IRS investigation earlier and supposedly informed the White House. There are other allegations the Obama administration knew about the IRS scandal back in June of 2012.

When Bob Woodward was asked about the IRS scandals, he said, “It’s a big mess, obviously. I know there have been these comparisons to Watergate. I would say not yet. … This is not Watergate, but there are people in the administration who have acted as if they want to be Nixonian.” Woodward was referring to how President Nixon used the IRS to persecute his political enemies and was impeached as a result.

Whether or not President Obama was involved in the IRS scandal is being hotly contested right now. Another poll showed that 55 percent of Americans believe Obama is tied to the IRS scandal somehow. The National Organization for Marriage claims the IRS allegedly leaked tax documents to the Obama reelection campaign to use against their political enemies. So far, this is the only alleged connection directly linking President Obama to the IRS scandals.

The IRS scandal involves many people at all levels of government most of it probably did not involve Obama at all, even indirectly. There’s hundreds of IRS harassment cases being raised by political enemies of Obama, and even those who just criticized Obama. Obama’s family even received special treatment by the IRS, including an Obama charity approved quickly by the IRS. The exception is the case of one Obama cousin who criticized Obamacare publicly and suddenly found himself audited by the IRS. The government even allegedly pressured his job to fire him.

Reporters have searched around to see if perhaps it was just a bad IRS process or law that seemed to slow the tax process to a halt while unintentionally catching conservative groups en masse. If that was the case there should be plenty other pro-Obama groups that experienced a similar story. This writer has found only three so far.

The Obama, Benghazi scandal connection is even more vague at least when it comes to the decisions made prior to the attacks. So far, we know the Benghazi talking points were changed in the White House to cast the Obama administration in a good light right before the 2012 elections, even so go far as to arrest the YouTube video guy for Benghazi even though he was innocent. The Benghazi emails show how these talking points mislead the public in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks by al Qaeda operatives still being searched for by the FBI.

The most important Benghazi allegations include reducing internal US forces security from 34 to three, relying on groups known to be tied to al Qaeda for security, and denying a special forces Benghazi rescue operation twice even though the team was less than an hour away. Others cast blame on President Obama for Benghazi decisions, alleging Obama was involved in the situation room during the attack, but chose to go to sleep early so he could be fresh for a Las Vegas fundraiser the next day.

Why do you think the Obama approval rating is so high even while these potential Obama scandals are being investigated?