Porsha Williams Says Kordell Stewart Changed The Locks On Her

The divorce battle between Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart is getting uglier.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star filed new documents in a Georgia family court claiming that her estranged husband has locked her out of their home on a number of occasions, and that she had to have her lawyer ask Stewart’s people for a key. Sources close to the situation said that the former NFL star has yet to give her one.

Porsha Williams is also claiming that she tried to work things out with her soon to be ex-husband, but he blew off a mediation session and called it a “waste of everyone’s time.” The 40-year-old is asking a judge to force Kordell Stewart to either allow her to use the home or to give her enough money to get her own “suitable alternative residence.” Williams is reportedly living with her mother in Atlanta.

Stewart filed for divorce on March 22, but Williams didn’t find out about it until two days later, when she read a story about it online. Stewart claimed that the marriage was “irretrievably broken” and claimed that Williams was “neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson.” Stewart also denied Williams alimony, claiming that she is “an able-bodied person, earning income, and is capable of supporting herself.” He also said there were no assets to be divided because a prenup had been signed.

The two would have celebrated their second anniversary on Tuesday, May 21.

While the exact reason behind the divorce is still unknown, several of Williams’ RHOA co-stars felt that Stewart was too controlling.

“They called him controlling and that was hard for me to deal with,” Williams said. “I will not blame this divorce on anyone but the person who filed, and that is my ex.” Williams also said she was heartbroken and occasionally ashamed by the turn of events.

“Because I put myself out there to the world as a wife and I was proud to be married and for it to end the way it did, it’s almost like a failure in a way,” she said.

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