Wife Douses Husband With Beer After He Protects Her From Ball [Video]

Kim LaCapria

A video of a wife as she douses her husband with beer at Wrigley Field has gone viral, but the couple have chilled out about the incident since the enraged woman dumped a brewski on her man during a recent MLB game.

The video in which the wife douses her husband with ballpark beer was a favorite takeaway of a recent Cubs game against the New York Mets -- and it seems that the hubby was in a lose-lose situation.

The "wife douses husband" moment was caught on camera ... and broadcast to viewers at home. The couple admits that they immediately began getting texts about the marital spat caught on cam after Travis Wood's wayward home run went careening their way during the fifth inning.

The man explains he was "trying to protect" his "lovely wife," and in the process, accidentally spilled a beer on her as he shielded her from the errant hit.

Was she grateful? So grateful she took the other beer and threw it in his face in anger -- she later sheepishly admitted her reaction was one of frustration when MLB.com caught up with the pair after the game.

The wife who doused her man with a beer explains that she wasn't thinking about a ball to the face after he accidentally poured a beer on her -- she explains:

"I just got livid ... And took my beer and splooshed it in his face. I figured if I'm wet, he might as well be wet too."

As many have pointed out, the beer spat was not a cheap date -- with prices per beer at about $7, it was a $15 total fallout after Wood's hit went rogue.

But even as the "wife douses husband" clip circulates the web, the animosity was long gone. Before the pair got in the car, they were already laughing about their inadvertent viral fame.