Anchors Evacuate Live Broadcast As Tornado Tears Through Wichita [Video]

Wichita, KS – Anchors of a local TV station were forced to abandon their live broadcast on Sunday after a massive tornado touched down in Downtown Wichita.

The tornado, one of three that tore through the Plains States this weekend, touched down near NBC affiliate KSN’s station, forcing the anchors and crew to evacuate in the middle of a live broadcast.

The dramatic video shows meteorologist J.D. Rudd standing against a very red map, struggling through his weather report when a voice calls to him off-screen. He leaves, but we hear talking among the anchors.

“It appears that it is time for all of us to get to shelter,” a man says off-camera. “Get to shelter right now! Everybody … let’s go!”

The anchors evacuated around 4:15pm, after covering the storm non-stop for two hours. The off-screen voice mentions that he never thought he’d have to evacuate anchors in the middle of a storm in 20 years on the job.

KSN producer Kathy Ivy said that everyone scrambled to the basement while warning sirens went off nearby and the tornado tore through downtown Wichita. “Downtown Wichita was in the target zone,” Ivy said. “We were in the target zone.”

The tornado dissipated and the storm lifted just before reaching the KSN building, leaving the station unharmed.

Though thousands of homes and businesses lost power, the tornado missed the most populated areas of the city.

Thousands of homes and businesses lost power during the brunt of the tornado’s tear through town, but it missed the most populated areas of the city. Kansas reported no tornado casualties over the weekend, but two people were killed in the Oklahoma storm.

Watch the harrowing video the the KSN anchors evacuating the station as the Tornado approaches Downtown Wichita below, and let us know what you think:

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[Image via: Melanie Metz / Shutterstock]