Angelina Jolie Mom Biopic Casts Angie As Her Own Mother [Report]

A biopic of Angelina Jolie’s mom, Marcheline Bertrand, is reportedly in the works with Jolie signed on to play her own mother.

According to various U.K. reports, a biopic of the life of Bertrand is being made, and Jolie is working on the project with her fiance Brad Pitt, who is producing the movie through his Plan B company. The film will likely begin production next year.

There’s virtually no information on the Angelina Jolie mom biopic just yet, but some have guessed that Bertrand’s decision to quit acting in favor of humanitarian causes will feature prominently in the film.

Bertrand worked with female refugees in Afghanistan and launched the Give Love Give Life organization, which was designed to fight gynecological cancers

She died in 2007 at the age of 56 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

Jolie has continued Bertrand’s charity efforts, and talked at-length about her mother in a powerful May 2013 op-ed for the New York Times.

The main purpose of the piece was the stunning revelation that she had chosen to undergo a preventative double mastectomy after she learned that she carried the BRCA1 gene mutation, which put Jolie’s risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime at 87 percent.

The BRCA1 gene also increases the chances of developing ovarian cancer over 50 percent, and Jolie reportedly plans to have her ovaries removed so that she can avoid the illness that took her mother.

Jolie’s choice, and her frankness in discussing it openly, have earned the actress much praise.

What do you think of the Angelina Jolie mom biopic? Could anyone play Marcheline Bertrand better than her own daughter? Sound off!

[Image via: DFree / Shutterstock]