Samsung Galaxy S III Update Leaked, Gets S4 Inspired Facelift

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to receive a facelift in the near future, and a leak of that upgrade has made its way online.

Samsung will provide the new facelift with the release of the Google Android 4.2.2 ROM update. According to the new report, the ROM is currently being tested internally by the manufacturer.

Once released, the leak shows a new lock screen and design cues that appear to take directly from the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

The test firmware was spotted by SamMobile, the tech website points to a revised water ripple effect, lighting effects, and the ability to add multiple widgets to the S3 lock screen.

The new firmware also appears to allow users to remove the auto-brightness option from the notifications pulldown. Samsung is also poised to be adding quicker access to Quick Toggles via a two-fingered pulldown.

Settings for the Galaxy S III update also appear to be accessible via tabs just as they are with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Also overhauled via the ROM update is an improved driving mode. Samsung is also offering improvements via the Smart Switch option, which provides quicker access to voice control modes, and S-Voice.

Samsung still has time to add more options to the update or potentially remove features that don’t test as expected.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to receive the new ROM update to Android 4.2.2 sometime in June.

As always, the S III ROM update will be free to customers and will released based on each wireless carriers own schedule.

Will you be updated to Android 4.2.2 when it is finally released by Samsung?