‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Trailer Hits With New Images [Video]

Batman: Arkham Origins just landed a trailer and new images to whet your appetite.

After all the talk and rumors surrounding the epic follow-up to Batman: Arkham City, we now have a video showing us more of the game Batman fans will probably be playing for months. The trailer below is basically an extension of the scene that we saw in the teaser trailer, but it puts a story behind it and explains the plot of the game itself.

The Black Mask, a notorious criminal contractor, puts a price on Batman’s head after his crime-fighting skills prove too effective for his own good. Deathstroke, a master assassin, comes along and attempts to claim the price, but he’s interrupted when other hit men also try to claim it in the middle of his attempt. The boss eventually comes along and tells Deathstroke that this is just the beginning.

The trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins begins with a cityscape of Gotham City and scrolls down to the side, revealing a car racing to a stop in a deserted street covered in snow. Three armed men in ski masks race to get a heavy box of something into a building. The last of the three closes the back of the car and yells, “Go! Move it out!”

The car drives away and the third man leads the two carrying the box as he tells them to drop it there. The third man turns out to be the Black Mask, as he tosses his mask on a table. One of the others turns on some Christmas lights, two of which instantly break. He turns to his partner, “Frank, check the breaker.”

Frank takes a flashlight to check the breaker, and gets his face bashed into the box. This all eventually leads to a big setup where Deathstroke used the whole scenario to trap Batman. Here’s hoping these criminals have some great medical insurance, after that face bashing.

What do you think of the trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins?