Too Pretty To Work? 33-Year-Old Brit Says So

Is it possible to be too pretty to work? A woman who appears to be a graduate of the Samantha Brick school of Overestimating One’s Physical Charms says so, claiming that jealous women and lecherous male co-workers made it impossible for her to pursue a career.

Laura Fernee is 33, and the British woman says she is too pretty to work due to all the harassment and envy she’s encountered on the job — and the experience has caused her to shun working forever and instead allow her parents to support her.

According to Laura, being too pretty to work isn’t as awesome as it sounds, and despite having earned a PhD, the brunette claims her hot bod and her gorgeous face have only been a liability.

In fact, Fernee says, being too pretty to work has “traumatized” her, and she claimed in a This Morning interview:

“I would say whilst I at at work I underwent some negative situations relating to how I looked, and the overall effect made me feel quite traumatized … And in the end, as much as I loved my work, going in to work became very, very difficult because of the psychological impact on me.”

It wasn’t just one bad office Fernee said couldn’t handle her hotness — she claims no matter where she goes, jealous women and men desperate to woo her make life outside her home unbearable:

“I would have thought the same but not only in one academic environment, in several academic environments I underwent the same treatment. A lot of women I know had to deal with that as well.”

Britain’s Daily Mail quotes the self-professed stunner as saying that her jobless state isn’t her fault, as she never asked to be too pretty to work:

“The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment. It’s not my fault … I can’t help the way I look.”

Even when Laura tried to quell her apparently blaring sex beacons, she said the harassment was just too much to bear:

“Even when I was in a laboratory in scrubs with no make-up they still came on to me because of my natural attractiveness. There was nothing I could do to stop it.”

Fernee says that being a super mega science genius on top of her supermodel looks was a cruel hand dealt to her by fate, leading to her predicament now of her parents picking up the bills:

“[Female co-workers] assumed because I was pretty, I was stupid, so didn’t take me seriously at first and, because of their own insecurities, were jealous of my looks … Then when they realized I was very good at my job, possibly better than them, they hated me even more.”

Do you think the excuse of being too pretty to work makes sense here?