Nutella Shuts Down Popular Fan Site, Cancels World Nutella Day

The makers of Nutella and their lawyers have effectively shut down a very popular fan site.

Since the company apparently doesn’t like fans to sing the foodstuff’s praises too loudly, Nutella fanatic Sara Rosso has been ordered to remove any and all items from her website containing the product’s name or logo.

As a result of the cease and desist letter, Russo has been forced to pull the plug on World Nutella Day. The event, which has been celebrated every February 5 since 2007, was a chance for fans from across the globe to share their love for the tasty treat.

Rosso quickly spread the news about the order she received from Ferrero on her website World Nutella Day. She explained that the letter was surprising since she has been in contact with several people from the company since the event’s inception six years ago.

The Nutella fan explained on her website:

“The cease-and-desist letter was a bit of a surprise and a disappointment, as over the years I’ve had contact and positive experiences with several employees of Ferrero, SpA., and with their public relations and brand strategy consultants, and I’ve always tried to collaborate and work together in the spirit and goodwill of a fan-run celebration of a spread I (to this day) still eat.”

Rosso added that she hopes that World Nutella Day will somehow manage to live in despite the order from Ferrero. Fans of the event quickly addressed the situation on Facebook and Twitter. Needless to say, none of them are happy with how the company is treating a website that’s essentially dedicated to promoting the product.

“This is some sad news. And I actually lost respect and love for Ferrero. You’ve nothing but promote Nutella. They should thank you and send you Nutella for a life time. And not send cease and desist letters,” one fan posted on Facebook.

Rosso told The Huffington Post that she put together the website and the event as a fan. Sara added that she has a full-time job and wasn’t looking to cash in on the product’s popularity.

“I would have been open to any kind of discussion. [It] didn’t have to be a legal document,” she told the website.

What do you think about Nutella shutting down its biggest fan site? Are you disappointed that World Nutella Day may not happen next year?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]