Bank Robber Attempts To Calm Frightened Teller, Flees When It Obviously Doesn’t Work

Midtown, NY – Police are searching for a suspected bank robber whose attempt to knock over a Bank of America didn’t go so well.

The would-be bank robber showed up to the Third Avenue bank dressed in his Sunday best (see photo below), ready to very calmly and professionally rob the place. He slid the bank teller a note, which claimed that he would start killing customers if she didn’t give him money.

“I have a gun and will use it. You have 5 seconds to hand over 100s, 50s, 20s before people start getting hurt,” the scribbled note read.

Unfortunately, the teller he confronted (who was described as a “sweet girl in her 20s and not originally from New York”) panicked immediately, screaming “Oh my God!” over and over, alerting other bank employees.

At this point, the would-be bank robber has maintained his cool, gently gesturing for her to quiet down. It doesn’t work.

She ran away from him and hid under a desk on the other side of the bank. The robber actually stood there and observed the scene for a moment in total shock before deciding to flee empty handed.

The bank was nearly empty aside from another teller and a bank manager, so it’s hard to say how he would have threatened non-existent customers with his gun, if he even had one.

Still, the non-New Yorker bank teller “was legitimately scared,” according to one law enforcement officer. “The guy caught her off guard, and she freaked out.”

The suspect is, of course, still at large, but if you’re in the Midtown area, the NYPD released the following picture of him. If you know who he is, call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All CrimeStoppers tips are anonymous.

NY bank robber

[Image via: Robynrg / Shutterstock]