2009 NFL season in review: Minnesota Vikings

What can we say about a team one good play away from making the Super Bowl? We can say that over achieved, we can say that Brett Favre proved he had something left in the tank, and we can say they have all the pieces to do it again. Of course if Favre comes back. This is an excellent team, they have all the pieces. A great offense, a very good defense, but just like the Green Bay Packers they are going to have to land Favre’s replacement in this April’s draft. Other than that the big concern for fans of this team is their stadium situation. Will they stay or will the city of angels claim their second Minnesota based pro sports team?

In 2009 the Vikings scored 470 points or 29.4 points per game, good enough for the second best NFL offense. Favre threw for 4,202 yards, completed 68.4% of his passes, threw 33 TD’s and had just 7 interceptions. Not to bad for a guy I had written off. That’s ok though, sometimes it is good to be wrong. On the ground they gained 1,918 yards led by Adrian Peterson and his 1,383 yards.

The Viking defense gave up 312 points or 19.4 per game, and that was good enough for the tenth best NFL defense. On average they outscored their opponents by nearly 10 points, and their take away differential was +6. Is there work to be done on this team? Sure there always is, but the work here is easy. Find a few more playmakers, look for quality depth players, and find a QB who they can groom as Favre’s replacement.

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