Denise Richards, Awesomest Ex-Wife Ever, On Taking Charlie’s Twins

Denise Richards could teach a lot of people a thing or two about doing the right thing — and the actress recently discussed her unusual and awesome choice to take temporary custody of ex Charlie Sheen’s twins while their mom Brooke Mueller attended to personal matters.

Denise Richards’ choice to assume mom duties for the tots Max and Bob, 2, is not one you might commonly see in a situation involving divorce, remarriage and subsequent kids — but Richards says she’s doing what comes naturally.

The star talked to Us Weekly this weekend when she attended Carolle’s Adopt-a-Doll event Saturday in Los Angeles. Richards is already mom to 9-year-old Sam and 7-year-old Lola with Sheen, and daughter Eloise, 22 months. (Eloise is adopted.)

In addition to her own three daughters, Richards has been caring for Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twins since early May. Of the decision, Denise told the mag that there was no question when the boys needed a stand-in mom that she would step up:

You just figure it out because you don’t have a choice. You have these children depending on you … You prioritize. I had children because I want to be a parent, and I want to be there for them.”

So, is it difficult to manage with three kids under three in the house right now? Richards admits that it isn’t always easy to raise five (five!) kids as a single mom, but she explains:

“I think my biggest challenge is [that] their different activities sometimes overlap … I have a good schedule going. You just manage.”

What about taking custody of your ex’s kids when things get hairy? Richards also admits that stuff with Charlie isn’t always easy, but their policy of putting the kids before adult disagreements has made it a bit more manageable:

“My situation with Charlie is that we’ve gotten along for quite some time now, and it’s so much better … There are a lot of feelings and emotions there, but at the end of the day, our daughters benefit from us getting along, and [I do], too.”

Denise concludes:

“I don’t want to have an unhealthy relationship with him, something toxic with a lot of animosity. Life’s too short for that … We actually enjoy hanging out, and we enjoy being with the kids.”

Richards even refused extra child support to provide for the boys while they are in her custody.

Do you think you could do what Denise Richards is doing for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller if you were in that situation?