Nexus One Gets Cuddly With AT&T, Rogers Wireless

Google has added a second GSM Nexus One version to their lineup which now gives AT&T and Rogers Wireless (Canada) access to the phones 3G/UMTS capabilities.

The new handset provides 850/1900/2100 MHz calling band support and is selling for the same unlocked price of the original unit, $529. At this time no type of subsidized carrier pricing for either newly supported wireless provider has been announced.

The new model is believed to have been announced after less than stellar sales of the original Nexus One with T-Mobile band support. Rumors are also pointing to a possible CDMA version being shopped around, more than likely for the Verizon Wireless network which should help increase Nexus One sales numbers.

What do you think about the new band support? Are you running out to buy a Nexus One?