‘Brady Bunch’ Reunion Takes Place At Kings Island [Video]

A Brady Bunch reunion took place at an Ohio amusement park over the weekend.

It’s hard to believe that the famous Kings Island episode of the classic television sitcom is 40 years old. In order to mark the anniversary of their original trip to the park, several Brady Bunch cast members celebrated the occasion with a reunion in Ohio.

Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Susan Olsen — also known as Greg, Peter, and Cindy Brady — were in attendance at the Ohio-based amusement park on Sunday to partake in the festivities. The “Cincinnati Kids” episode of the sitcom originally hit the airwaves in 1973.

In addition to putting on a show for King’s Island guests, the Brady Bunch reunion also involved the actors meeting fans and signing autographs.

While Susan Olsen and Christopher Knight were quick to share anecdotes about being a Brady kid and living their life in the spotlight, it was Barry Williams who ultimately stole the show. You can find his strangely watchable parody of “The Real Slim Shady” embedded below.

Kim Williamson told the folks at the Cincinnati Enquirer that she traveled three hours from her home in West Virginia to meet Williams, Knight, and Olsen during the King’s Island Brady Bunch reunion. She even forked over $20 to pose for a photo with the stars.

“I think everybody, at some point in their life, wanted to be a Brady. Their whole family seemed so perfect. They were so nice. I think it resonates with the child in all of us to want to be Brady,” she explained.

The Kings Island episode of The Brady Bunch found the entire family taking a trip to the iconic park so Mike could present architectural plans for a new addition. The gang spends a fair amount of time running around and riding a few of the park’s attractions. You can refresh your memory with the clip below.