10-Year-Old Girl Shot While Watching TV

North Highlands, CA – At least two gunmen are being sought by authorities in connection to the death of a 10-year-old girl and related injuries to her family, incurred while in their Northern California home.

Police state based on the preliminary findings that the perpetrators deliberately approached the residence Saturday evening and unleashed a barrage of gunfire – at least a dozen shots from two separate weapons.

Elvira Campos, 10, was shot as she watched television with her parents, dying later in the hospital while being treated. The child’s 14-year-old brother was playing video games in another room and was unharmed as well as her eldest sibling, a 20-year-old brother, who was not in the home at the time, reports The Sacramento Bee. But their parents, whose names were not released, were injured in the attack and taken to the hospital. Officials expect them to make a full recovery.

Sacramento County sheriff’s spokesman Sergeant Jason Ramos made a disturbing statement regarding the incident, and was quoted by ABC News as saying, “Whoever these gunmen were they were directly outside the front door. This was not a drive-by. These gunmen approached the house and shot inside.”

One of the official theories being evaluated is a family member may have gang ties. They do not feel the child was the intended target but an innocent bystander to the assault.

Investigators have since canvassed the neighborhood and surrounding areas for potential witnesses and connections and have collected forensic evidence from the bullet-riddled entrance of the home. This is the first time that police can recall being sent to that specific residence, as there has not been a history of violence or disputes.

However, Sunday morning, not far from the Campos crime scene, a separate victim, a 32-year-old man known to be a gang member, was shot too but survived. Police say it’s possible the two incidences could be related.

For the moment authorities have not provided a description of the suspects responsible for spraying bullets into the property or further details as to the possible link between the two shootings.

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