ACLU Demands ‘Modern Family’ Hold Big Gay Wedding

The ACLU has demanded Modern Family have a big gay wedding, according to a new campaign launched by the American Civil Liberties Union last week.

The movement — which now has its own website — calls for two of the series leads to make their civil partnership official in an effort to draw more interest to the side of marriage equality.

In a blog post on May 16, ACLU blogger Alicia Gay wrote, “The most remarkable aspect of Mitch and Cam [Modern Family characters] being in a same-sex relationship is that the there IS no remarkable aspect of their being in a same-sex relationship. They experience the same ups and downs as any other couple. Arguably, their most controversial family moment was when flower girl Lily said the f-word last year.”

Gay continued: “But there’s one important thing that Cam and Mitch haven’t done yet. They haven’t gotten married. So we’re asking ABC to let Mitch and Cam tie the knot, and we’re asking for your help.”

The organization has begun an all-out social media blitz asking supporters to RSVP through the website.

“Having two main characters in a wildly popular show get married would put the issue of marriage equality in living rooms across the country and generate conversations about the importance of allowing same-sex couples to marry — the kinds of conversations that we know change hearts and minds,” the post read.

The ACLU certainly has a sympathetic ear in show co-creator Steve Levitan. In 2012, Levitan responded to Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, when she said Modern Family was her favorite show with this:

“Thrilled Ann Romney says ModFam is her favorite show … We’ll offer her the role of officiant at Mitch & Cam’s wedding. As soon as it’s legal.”

Do you think the ACLU is right — that it’s time for Modern Family to give Mitch and Cam their wedding? Will you be watching?