Bay to Breakers 2013: Thousands Run, Many More Party In San Fran

San Francisco, CA – Sunday in San Fran played host to the 102nd Bay to Breakers race, in which tens of thousands of runners took part in the beautiful day of events.

According to the SFGate, roughly 30,000 registered participants joined up with many more unofficial entrants to run from Howard to Main street, a 7.46-mile trek to Ocean Beach.

First across the finish line was 23-year-old Tolossa Gedefa Fufi, a competitor from Ethiopia. Fufi clocked in at 35:01, which is the slowest winning time since 2003, and only the second time in the last 30 years that a winner took longer than 35 minutes to complete the race.

Second place was 30-year-old Ryan Hall, who was attempting to be the first American to win wince 1986. He clocked in at 35:40.

In the women’s race, 28-year-old Diane Nukuri-Johnson of Burundi came in first at 40:12, followed mere seconds later by Adrienne Herzog of the Netherlands.

Though San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers event was just as much a city-wide party this year as those previous, there was an increased police presence due to the April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon, which killed three and injured over 260.

Large backpacks were banned, and everyone, including the elite runners, had their belongings checked this year. Even the race’s announcer asked the runners to be vigilant as they ran their course. “Remember: If you see something, say something. And please, use the 1,000 Porta Potties along the route.”

But the increased security didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. “I actually drove 9 1/2 hours from Palm Springs to see this,” said one man who watched the race. “Just basically to see the spectacle and do S.F. for a week.”

Did you participate in the Bay to Breakers race this year?

[Image via: Jose Gil / Shutterstock]