Dead Man Wakes Up During His Own Funeral In Zimbabwe

A dead man recently woke up during his own funeral in Zimbabwe.

Brighton Dama Zanthe had been feeling extremely unwell when he reportedly died at his home. He was laid to rest inside a coffin as his family made funeral arrangements.

However, the dead man began waking up as family members made their way past the casket during his funeral. One person reportedly saw the 34-year-old man’s legs twitching and quickly alerted others. When relatives realized he was still alive, they summoned an ambulance to the scene.

“I was the first to notice Zanthe’s moving legs as I was in the queue to view his body. This shocked me. We called an ambulance immediately. It’s a miracle and people are still in disbelief,” Lot Gaka explained.

The dead man woke up shortly before his body was scheduled to be transported to a funeral parlor. He was soon taken to an area hospital where he was placed on life support. After two days of treatment and observation, doctors finally allowed Zanthe to return home.

The man explained that he doesn’t have any recollection of dying or coming back to life. He said he remembers waking up inside the hospital, but nothing else. Zanthe believes that he’s been given a second chance at life.

“Everything is history to me. What I can only confirm is that people gathered at my house to mourn but I was given another chance and I am alive. I feel okay now,” the former dead man said.

Although you’d think this sort of thing wouldn’t happen too often, The Inquisitr reported last year about a Brazilian man who showed up alive and well for his funeral. After hearing rumors that he had been killed, Gilberto Marcos decided to pay a visit to the ceremony. Several people reportedly fainted when he walked through the door.

In March of this year, a dead prostitute in Zimbabwe woke up shortly after being placed inside a casket. When one of her clients told authorities that she passed away during sex, they quickly loaded her body into a coffin. The woman soon woke up and accused everyone of trying to kill her.

What would you do if you saw a dead man wake up during his own funeral?